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How to get the best quality out of your PlayStation screenshots

Hello gamers and Virtual photographers! I'm pretty excited to share this post with you all because whether or not you are taking in-game photos for fun or you are starting your own in-game photography page, everyone wants the best possible image quality. I've compiled some of the best tips and tricks I have found to get just that.

I'll be sure to update this for PS5 once I learn if there are any major differences

It's extremely likely that I haven't figured out every trade secret, so if you have a tip I left out please feel free to reach out!

Now to get the lame part of the way, as an Amazon Associate I do earn from any qualifying purchase made after clicking my link to Amazon (on and off my Storefront). Any support is extremely appreciated so thank you in advance!

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So first things first

Share Settings

Before you even start taking photos of your favorite bad ass moments you need to make a few adjustments to the share settings. You can find this menu by either holding down the share button on your controller or by going to Settings>Sharing and Broadcasts

From here, you want to go to Screenshot Settings

The next step can be a matter of personal preference, but I'll offer my opinion for what it's worth. At this point , you want to choose which file format your screenshots will be saved. Jpeg or PNG.

First, a short summary on the differences.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a file format that is "lossless" or in other words, the image is the same before and after compression. It will also be a larger file size so if storage space is an issue this may not be the most ideal option.

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG OR JPG) is one of the most common formats out there due to the formats ability to compress an image with a generally minimal loss of quality. It does this by essentially deleting unused information from the image.

So which one should you choose?

I've compared the highest quality jpeg option with the png image and while I couldn't immediately see a difference, I still tend to use the PNG simply because I don't want to chance any potential loss of quality.

So if storage isn't an issue, I would recommend sticking with PNG.

Now that the image quality on the PlayStation is set and you've taken a sick photo of Miles Morales roundhousing an underground Agent in the dome, we need to get the images to your phone or laptop.

USB Transfer

When I first started, my go to method was to message or tweet myself the image then download from there. While this was the quickest way to get the photos to my phone, it also resulted in some garbage quality pics. I finally decided to try out the transfer to USB. First you need to make sure you have a USB phone adapter (like this one) or a USB that has an adapter included. Once you insert the USB in the PlayStation, pick the photos you want to transfer and select "Copy to USB Storage Device"

Here's the one I use

And there you go! Once you plug into your phone or computer and move the photo, you officially have a high quality image ready to post to whichever platform you like. If you you are planning to post to instagram, I have just one more tip I think will help max out your pic to it's full potential.


Unless your goal is to post a landscape photo (which I don't recommend for IG, more on that in my next article) I always tell people to crop your image to a portrait ratio of 4:5. This gives you the maximum visual real estate on the IG feed and still keeps the compression at a perceptible minimum. 1:1 ratio is acceptable as well, but I honestly think 4:5 is the best way to go. Here's an example of one of my recent posts before and after the crop.

Then cropped at 4:5. I usually use Snapseed for this step since it had a convenient "snap" to the center of the image when the crop ratio is selected

Now you're ready to post! I hope this info was helpful, and if you know of anything I missed feel free to reach out to me on IG @firstpersonshutter!

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